While stocks continue to go one place – higher – on endless Federal Reserve support, the story in the CRE market is very different. Delinquencies on debt are soaring across every vertical – lodging, industrial, retail, office & overall – as the work-from-home reality settles in. So, what’s your building worth: are you using Seattle data, or information from Phoenix or Boston?

How relevant is that data if your building is in Minneapolis. And which side of the river (east or west) are you on: are you in Minneapolis proper or St. Paul. Tenant occupancies on one side of a city could be vastly different than a few blocks away. How will you know the difference if you’re looking at reports that are 6 months or more out of date. You won’t. If you want others to rely on your asset data, it must be digitally certified (notarized) at the time of creation, indexed, independently validated, and be able to be delivered or accessed in a timely & secure manner. Inveniam software provides that solution – today.

In a low volatility market you can sit back as your CRE holdings quietly appreciate. We’re not in that type of environment. It’s like the wild west out there, and market moving information arrives at breakneck speed and it needs to be correlated to real time asset data, your asset data.

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