Valuation as a Service™

Valuation as a Service delivers public market-like capabilities for Private and Alternative Market Assets and Funds. This starts with delivery of real-time performance data and price discovery, using blockchain technology to provide a Proof of State™ for the assets in your portfolios, and Proof of Value™ on a frequent, recurring basis. VaaS is a cost effective and time saving solution for asset owners to receive independent, 3rd party valuations, with fully observable inputs, delivering data you can trust, when you need it to make better investment decisions.

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Through data integrity, price discovery and the digitization of assets, Valuation as a Service connects asset owners, valuation firms, and investors to all participants in the digital ecosystem to automate valuation, maximize asset value, and drive liquidity.

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Managing Data at its Source

Source documents linked from place of rest to a federated data room where clients control and own their data.


Hash evidence of performance digitally to blockchain making it immutable.

Golden Copy

Hash and Sync documents to preferred blockchain, credentialing data so clients always have the “golden copies” of real-time data.


Deliver reports with click-through ability to view data provenance.

Recurring Valuations

Automated workflows drive regular valuations, improving price discovery and liquidity for always “sale-ready” assets.

Capital Optimization

Moving assets from Level 3 to Level 2 improves capital adequacy ratios and increases investing flexibility.

Liquidity Opportunities

Frequent valuations lead to better accounting treatment, increasing the pool of potential buyers and capital market opportunities.

Valuation Partners

Valuation partners produce an independent and efficient baseline valuation using permissioned access to the data room.

Digitally certified data and Valuation as a Service provide:

  • Independent marks verified by SME monthly or quarterly
  • Evergreen performance data
  • Continuously updated
  • Data ready for use on demand
  • Enhances liquidity
  • Reduces diligence for asset sales to days
  • Potential to create internal bulletin boards
  • GPs can offer private marketplace to trade LP interests
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