There is an undeniable movement to digitize assets across markets with participants innovating new technologies. Trusted data is central to digital asset evolution.

Inveniam’s vision is to help asset owners, companies and investors prepare for digital asset transformation by offering products and solutions that gather data of data-rich low frequency traded private market assets with integrity that is immutable and with provenance.

We intend to work within each market ecosystem participant with high quality existing and new innovative companies rather than disrupt well-established industries.


Q1 2017
Founded Inveniam Capital Partners
Q3 2017
Inveniam files initial patents
Q4 2017
Utilized as first U.S. company to tokenize its common stock
Q1 2018
First fixed income transaction tokenized in ERC20 standard
Q2 2018
11 transactions tokenized with third parties aggregating over $100M
Q3 2018
Expanded software development bringing data analytics and DLT to global private markets
Q2 2019
Launched data analytics functionality; entered strategic agreement with Palladium Capital Group and Dev.Pro
Q3 2019
Launched beta software; Formed board with industry experts
Q4 2019
Began onboarding CRE assets for valuation
Q1 2020
First monthly pricing of CRE asset by C&W that is USPAP & FIRREA compliant
Q2 2020
Tokenized private credit for micro finance loans in East Africa
Q3 2020
First patent granted; numerous additional patents in process; (Beta) NLP tool integrated and operational
Q4 2020
Began onboarding private equity assets for valuation
Q2 2021
50+ patents in IP portfolio with more than 30 granted
Q3 2021
v1.0 AI Assist MVP release
Q4 2021
Achieved goal of $5B of assets on platform
Q1 2022
Achieved goal of $20B of assets on the platform
Q2 2022
Expanded into Brazil through partnership with GrowthTech; Earned SOC 2 Type II Certification
Q3 2022
Partnered with Apex Group to offer Valuation as a Service worldwide

Inveniam Milestones

The Inveniam Story

Inveniam’s business began as a boutique consulting and advisory firm established by Patrick O’Meara in September 2015. The firm primarily managed private equity for a third-generation ultra-high net worth family. While looking for opportunities, we researched fintech private equity investments. We became convinced that financial services will become decentralized. While the family office was not interested in pursuing our suggested fintech solution, Inveniam decided to separate and pursue these opportunities. Inveniam was founded January 2017 with management’s seed capital.