About Inveniam

There is an undeniable movement to digitize assets across markets with participants innovating new technologies. Trusted data is central to digital asset evolution.

Inveniam’s vision is to help companies and investors prepare for digital asset transformation by offering products and solutions that gather data of data-rich low frequency traded private market assets with integrity that is immutable and with provenance.

We intend to work within each market ecosystem rather than disrupt well-established industries with high quality existing and new innovative companies.

I will either find a way or make one

The Inveniam Story

Inveniam’s business began as a boutique consulting and advisory firm established by Patrick O’Meara in September 2015. The firm primarily managed private equity for a third-generation ultra-high net worth family. While looking for opportunities, we researched fintech private equity investments. We became convinced that financial services will become decentralized. While the family office was not interested in pursuing our suggested fintech solution, Inveniam decided to separate and pursue these opportunities. Inveniam was founded January 2017 with management’s seed capital.

Inveniam Milestones